Monday, April 17, 2017

SPRING Cleaning

After many days without sun, Spring finally sprung this week. The sun makes the days feel better.  Sun brings a smile to your face and flowers that produce grapes show up.  Career wise I always ask myself a few questions. Have I been executing on my New Years resolutions or do I need to recommit?  Does my team have what they need to support our goals?  Who did I say I was going to make time for?  Did I deliver my first quarter plans?  Remember, plans are not worth the paper they are written on if there is no execution.  Talk with your team and boss.  Check in.  You don't want to be surprised later.  You have time to course correct.  It's early.

Last Spring I spent some time in Montreal with my girlfriends and we visited some grape and apple vineyards.  My travels always center around some kind of food and beverage experience and this one was fascinating.  We visited Leon Courville Domaine Les Brome winery where we met Ann Marie Lemire one of the owners who was talented and successful.  Not only was she the business mind but she did all the viticulture and winemaking.  She gave us an education about the Canadian landscape.  Click here to take a look!

DON'T be surprised about how others see your performance progress. Check in early and often.

You can learn a lot about an area on vacation by seeking out its food and wine scene.  The culture of an area is usually displayed through the products sold like this fantastic apple wine from Montreal.  Known for ice wine, apples, grapes and honey are used to make these varietals throughout the Canadian country.

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