Saturday, December 16, 2017

Do You Have Executive Presence?

In May I had the opportunity to be one of the facilitators at a seminar for professionals who were interested in understanding how to leverage a methodology to manage their personal brand and executive presence. The seminar was designed and executed using learnings from the book by Juliette Mayers "The Guide to Strategic Networking" and the extraordinary experience of Bennie Wiley; Consultant, Diversity Pioneer, and past CEO of The Partnership.

Do you want to advance your career or business? When people think of you what do want them to remember? Your brand and executive presence is important. So what is executive Presence? Harvard Business Review author, John Beeson says "it ultimately boils down to your ability to project mature self-confidence, a sense that you can take control of difficult, unpredictable situations; make tough decisions in a timely way and hold your own with other talented and strong-willed members of the executive team." So take this definition and add how you dress, speaking tone, your approachability and now you have the full picture.

Should you have your own style?  I'd say yes but it shouldn't be so far from the norm within the environments you navigate that it keeps you from making an impact. But don't fake who you are, that can be exhausting.  Everyone can see through someone who is not being authentic.

There is room for all diversity.  Find the company that expects and respects the real you. The most important aspect of Executive Presence is delivering and being a good team member.

Winemaking can be compared to the same attributes as executive presence. Mastering the controlled process, difficult to produce and strong if you like big red blends. I love finding a wine where the winemaker took hard to blend varietals and delivers a beautifully balanced, smooth and fruit complimentary wine. This month The Prisoner is my choice.  This extraordinary blend has won numerous awards and ratings but more important it taste yummy.  It has flavors of berries (all of them), coco and a smooth finish.  A little pricey, around $40 but worth it. Buy it as a gift.