Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bucket List!

Early April I had the fortune of attending the college basketball Final Four in Houston.  This fulfilled another one of my bucket list items.  It was so exciting!  I spent the day with Legends.  One of my all-time favorites Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the highlight.  Breakfast was an historic moment in time.  I had the opportunity to hear Kareem speak about his mentor and coach John Wooden whose leadership teachings embodied lessons of selflessness, hard work, discipline and team first.

Kareem spoke eloquently about his teammates during his career with the Lakers.  Kareem still holds the record for most points in one career and the most college championships by one individual.  He is a role model for past and present men through his foundation work and story of no drugs, alcohol or personal drama during or post his career.  I was very honored to shake his hand.

I grew up with college sports being from Ohio and I wish my mother was alive to have accompanied me to the games.  Her love of sports was passed down to me and it makes living with a sports fanatic husband easy most days as we debate over the tv remote.

Remember your success was made possible by the people around you.  It takes a village to make it through life so make sure you thank your mentors, sponsors, friends and family.  Never assume you can survive alone in this big world.  Surround yourself with positive energy from people who share your same values and aspirations.

Each month I seem to find a wine from my days in my store that I go wow "I forgot about how good this wine is" and this month was no different.  I was re-aquainted with 14 Hands "Hot to Trot".  This red blend is not too dry but has just enough tannin to pair well with heavy cuisine.  It is smooth, full figured and velvety in the mouth.  The winemaker says "This polished red wine offers aromas of cherry, red currant and tea. Flavors of cherries, ripe berries and plums, supported by a frame of refined tannins, give way to subtle notes of baking spice on a persistent finish".